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Software Development

Systems Programming

We love UNIX!

Finding capable systems programmers is difficult. More and more developers focus on programming in managed runtime environments. But we've got your back!

We're open to new development, porting, and maintenance of existing code bases in C, C++, and D (2.0).

On hand, we have multiple versions of hardware and these operating systems, including legacy platforms, for development and testing:

  • AIX
  • Cygwin and Microsoft SUA
  • FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD
  • HP-UX
  • IRIX
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Solaris and SunOS
  • Tru64

Mobile Applications

If you have a business or an idea and need App presence, let us help.

Mobile Apps have already surpassed web apps for average daily consumed time. We'll help you tap this market with a native presence on the platforms of your choice.

Thus far, we've developed successfully on the Android platform but are open to taking on new platforms or helping you find a qualified developer for all targets.

Andorid Developer

Web Applications

Web applications are our bread and butter.

Our current opinionated choice for new development is the Scala language with the Play! Framework.

We've worked on web projects in these languages and are available for new development and maintenance in any of them:

  • Scala
  • Java
  • Python (Django)
  • PHP
  • High performance web service kernels in C or C++

We've long been practitioners of what is today commonly called "DevOps" and believe we do it best. We've got the skills to take projects from idea to scale.

Data Center Services


Instead of lower quality many customer ephemeral web hosting other companies do, we dedicate our time to specialized and fully managed services for our clients.

We provide many services, including:

  • Web application hosting
  • Managed DNS
  • Content distribution (CDN) and streaming
  • Hosted e-mail and spam filtering
  • IP transit at our POP
  • Co-location, cabinets, or private cage space

Architecture & Migration

We've gained a wide breadth of data center knowledge through the course of our projects.

We're here to help you with among the following services:

  • Arbitration for: IP transit negotiation, DC selection, ARIN IP address and ASN request/justification for multi-homing, and other difficult arrangements
  • Data center migrations, including zero downtime scenarios
  • Disaster recovery, including active scenarios and hazardous areas
  • Vendor and equipment evaluation/selection for new deployments or upgrades

Our Network

The heart of the Blue Box System sits on a four optical carrier BGP blend in Phoenix, AZ. With the following providers, we have global access to ensure our solutions reach your customers:

  • Blue Box System carriers
    The Blue Box System carrier network

Consulting and Specialty Work

Our philosophy is to get things done and done right. This may sound like a simple statement, but most technology companies are lacking of this drive. As a systems engineering and integration company, we're constantly adapting and picking up new technologies. If we didn't, we'd sink. In our corporate DNA is versatility and we find very few projects intimidating.

We're open to expertise requests, training, and high pressure/high risk operations.

And if we know of a company that can do it better than us, we have no problem passing along the business. Our network is large and works to our mutual benefit.