All products are custom tailored to your specific needs and built to order.

We're ready to help you through the entire process, from enumerating needs to installation and management.

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IP Router/Firewall/Endpoint Systems

We're expert at building IP networking systems out of industry standard server components.

These systems are uncompromising and match the reliability and performance of dedicated network hardware at a fraction of the cost.

IP systems include site consultation, hardware, and basic configuration. Fully managed services and training are also available.

We prefer OpenBSD for it's legendary security and reliability in this domain but can accommodate other network operating systems on request.

Top of Rack

Two short-depth 1U rack servers perfect for sharing the same rack units with switching equipment on the other side.

Sized for both office and data center deployment.

  • Active or fail-over redundancy
  • Mutli-port gigabit throughput
  • 300k packets per second+
  • Stateful packet inspection
  • Traffic prioritization
  • Proxy, NAT, PAT and TCP load balancing
  • Detailed metrics, including percentiles for client billing
  • 802.1Q VLAN routing
  • BGP, RIP, OSPF and static capabilities for both interior and exterior routing needs

Starting at $1999

10 Gigabit

Designed for campus, HPC, and other demanding inter-networking applications.

Routing multiple ports at 10 gigabit speeds becomes increasingly difficult and requires top of the line NICs, fast CPU clock, and high memory bandwidth. We break down these complexities and get you the right systems.

These systems offer the same feature set as our Top of Rack solutions.

Starting at $5999

VPN Endpoint

Dedicated VPN endpoints for both central office and remote sites.

Single endpoints can also be multi-purposed in SOHO environments as route/firewall gateways with similar feature set to our Top of Rack solution.

  • IPSec, L2TP, OpenVPN, PPTP
  • Site to site
  • Roaming clients
  • Scalable, including multi-system solutions and ASIC encryption offload

Also ask about hosted VPN services! New

Starting at $999

Storage Networking

Storage networking is becoming increasingly important in today's virtualized infrastructures. If you're trying to move toward a scalable virtualized "cloud" environment, direct access storage will quickly become a major limitation. Additionally, limited I/O bandwidth is singularly the biggest killer of VM performance.

We'll help you navigate your storage needs and deliver systems ready to deploy.

Storage Server

Our storage servers provide the necessary building blocks to meet both your capacity and throughput requirements.

  • Optimized spindle count for workload and growth expectations
  • SSD storage or block level caching available
  • Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, iSCSI storage networking
  • NFS, CIFS (Windows) network file systems
  • Snapshot and deduplication features available
  • High-availability, including remote Internet replication configurations available
  • Built with Linux or Solaris operating systems depending on fabric target and file system needs

Starting at $1499

Fabric Convergence/Head End

If you already have a dedicated Fibre Channel, iSCSI, or InfiniBand storage subsystem but need to add IP network services, or bridge two fabric types let us build you a dedicated head end.

  • Bridge IP networks with Fibre Channel or InfiniBand, or iSCSI block targets
  • Bridge from a Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, or iSCSI target to any combination of these targets
  • NFS, CIFS (Windows) network file systems
  • Other protocols: FTP, HTTP, rsync, more to fabric block storage targets as needed

Starting at $999